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Online Booking Coming Soon...

Thank you visiting! We appreciate your patience as we continue to develop our website to best fit the needs of our customers. 

If you're interested in training with us at The Shop BPA, please click the button below to fill out a short survey and a member from our team will reach out to you shortly.




"Unlock Limitless Potential: The Extreme Swing Performance Revolution!"

With over 40,000 batting lessons under our belt since 2010, we've harnessed the power of data to transform how athletes excel. Recognizing the varying results among students, we've shattered conventional norms. At The Shop Baseball Performance Academy, we've embraced a groundbreaking approach—intense training in an ever-shifting, unpredictable environment. By tapping into embodied cognition, we ignite the motor system, enhance perception, and ignite a powerful mind-body connection. Our game-changing program, "The Extreme Swing Performance," pushes boundaries and propels athletes to new heights, harnessing the utmost degree of training for unstoppable performance. Prepare to unleash your full potential like never before!

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