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The Shop Baseball Performance Academy offers top of the line instruction to individuals, groups, and teams.  Our "Individual Progression Program" (IPP) promises each and every player that they have entered an academy that

1. Has a system that works

2. Provides various forms of feedback to prove theory

3. Provides an educational experience in a high goal setting atmosphere 

Individual Progressional 
Progam (IPP)

Step 1

Evaluation (60 min) ..................  $50.00

- Here we measure the players raw performance.  We collect all data through a wide variety of measurements.  Next we explain the movement effciency model and have them begin the movement process.  Finally we set individual goals and finalize thier scheduled program.

Step 2

Lesson (60 min).....................  $50.00

or try our 4 pack for .............. $175.00


- During the IPP, players are categorized in stages.  These stages are based upon performance and knowledge of the instruction.  Each IPP consists of player performace, recorded data, placed in our system and is used for every lesson.  


Step 3 Progression Phase:


Phase 1- movement / education

Phase 2- movement / consistency

Phase 3- segment / strengthening

               movement customizing

Phase 4- mental approach / sight to

               reaction enhancement

Phase 5- recruiting process- finding the right

               travel , showcase team, or college team

               right for you.


Group or team training

7 -9 training (60 min)............... $30

Team (10 or more) ................... call


Custom lessons
(call for pricing)

- Strength training plus

- Weekend one on one 

- 2 or more siblings 

- Special needs

- Travel to you lesson

- Defensive specialty

- Coaching clinic / speaking

- Collegiate / adult hitting



Team rental (Fri-sun)...........

$75 (hour) $90.00 (90 mins)

months of dec-feb (minimum of 8 weeks)

-use all baseballs/ equipment 

-all coaches are responsible for equipment used.

-sign waiver release form

-call for more details 804-901-3745

-First call first scheduled basis


Weekly Lessons Schedule & Location


-Starting January 2023 through February 2023 

-Lessons are held at our Hanover Airpark Site (Mondays 4-9)

-Lessons are held at Sports Reality (Tuesday-Friday 4-5PM and 8-9PM) 















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