Shop Stix are hand carved custom made bats created for individual preferences.  What makes  our bats stand out from other wood bats is the specifics listed.
1. Specific weight and length markings to the exact decimal listed inside the cup
2. The sweet spot is marked on each bat. Every bat has been sweet spot tested and labeled. Yes every wooden bat has a different sweet spot location and length.
3. We can can replicate every wooden bat model, and also shadow carve the exact replica of your child's metal bat.
4. We also do youth wooden bats and girls fast pitch wooden bats.

Custom made Shop Stix

  • types of wood: maple, white ash, and yellow birch
    lengths: 26-34 in
    weights: -8oz and less
    barrel size: 2 3/4, 2 5/8, youth small barrel, softball barrel
    -all orders on bats are specifically customized. When ordering a bat you need to include in the order
    bat type
    bat length
    bat weight
    cupped end or not
    handle thickness
    barrel size
    or you can tell us what kind of metal bat model you are trying to produce. We then carve a carbon copy of exactly what you request. delivery date is two weeks from the day of purchase order.

    White ash $55.99
    Yellow Birch $63.99
    Maple $70.99