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For the past 10 years, I have conducted over 40,000 batting lessons with students ages 4-23. 

After numerous years of collecting data, we realize that results vary from student to student for several different reasons. For example: students that play multiple sports show a quicker and more significant increase in numbers than the ones that just play baseball or softball. 


Using this data, here at The Shop BPA, we have taken the approach to vigorously train the student in a very unstable and rapidly changing environment to enhance their learning curve.  We “physically” train the athlete and “mentally” train the hitter.  We are focusing on embodied cognition which includes the motor system, the perceptual system, and bodily interaction with the environment given.  Changing the environment allows those systems to work efficiently in more diverse circumstances.  Since applying this technique, students have experienced preeminent results. “The Extreme Swing Performance” program was created to incorporate all of the above in order to train the athlete at a maximum degree.
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Overload the body, confuse, it, make it work on overload, and once game time begins the hard part has been taken care of.  Mentally focus on what is about to happen, physically attack, then the results are well taken care of.

Knob to the ball, knob to the ball, knob to the .....nice ground ball SALLY!

Why focus on same hitting techniques on an everyday basis? Confuse the body, create change, continue to be a multi-sport athlete and conduct a wide variety of movements and practices.  That is what it takes to succeed in each sport.

Knob to the ball means that the knob is in the zone not the barrell.  Knob to the ball brings the elbow down.  Sign up today to hit groundballs and have no consistency in making contact... said no one!

Doesn't his back elbow look comfortable here?

Looks like that barrel is really

on path...

Bar out!

Remember the back hip and

core leads the turn

not the arms swinging around the body.

Thank you Bryce for clearing the air. Knob to the ball is just an easy way out for instructors to teach.

Watch and learn

Lets talk....

So, many instructors teach in many

different ways using many different

terms.  After doing research they all

end up relating knob to the ball which

means the barrel isn't on the plain of

the pitch.  Think about it... if you are

to keep your knob going to the ball

then that means that your front arm

bars out to the pitch right? Ok, Mr.

Power V, so in reality they should be

teaching bar out front side with

disconnection of the backside elbow

and hip at contact.  Let's take a few

looks below...


Ok ,now lets talk math.  What's the

strongest angle in math? 90 degrees

right... ok, now let's take a closer look

at the backside arm.  Let's see if

barring out of the front arm and

hitting knob to the ball allows the

barrell to stay in the zone at it's

longest point and connect at contact

with 90 degrees in the backside arm.  


What it takes to perform at the next level.

Now this swing is legit.  Hands above

and barrel below the ball at contact.  

The only problem is Tony Gwynn taught

"knob to the ball."  Doesn't it look like his

arms are extended with the power V

at contact?  I think not... Does his knob

look like it's facing the sky?  I think so...

Back in the day we didn't have the

technology to explain why the ball is

lifted and hit far.  Therefore, the thought

of knob to the ball came in affect.  When one realizes the swing from the hitting

plane to extension isn't down, then

that's the first step of not teaching

knob to the ball.

No bar out

front leg locked at connection

backside gained ground

eyes on contact

tunnel vision

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