Do you have what it takes
to be a BRAVE?

Hard Work- you give 110% when you are in a Braves uniform

Focus- on what you need to do to improve your game 

Character- show greatness both on and off the field

Respect- respect the game, mentors, and others 

Family- everyone in this organization helps each other.  Our big brother system is top notch.  Our older players always lend out a hand working with our youth.

Competition- is a gift.  Take control of the situation because you're confident, disciplined, thrive for success.

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Calling all Coaches!

Are you looking to coach one of our teams?  Let's take a look at your coaching background.  There are plenty of opportunities for you in the following categories!

-Head Coaching

-Assistant Coaching

-Hitting instruction

-Pitching Instruction

-Position Specific Instruction



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